Stories From My Soul

Books for Children

Wonderful teaching tools for parents, these stories will inspire and help children to love and recognise their own beautiful selves.

Charlie the Toad

Charlie the Toad feels miserable, sad and ugly, and he does not know why. Discover how Charlie learns about his inner beauty with the help of a wise grasshopper, named Gwendolyn. This book will inspire and help children to recognise their inner shining light.

The Tale of Miss Spider

Miss Spider finds out she has two voices in her head! One voice is loud and angry; the other is soft, loving, and kind. What ever could they mean? Miss Spider meets a beautiful butterfly who helps her learn the true meaning of love.

Speedy the Snake

Every day Speedy the Snake lives in fear, and he does not know why. You can discover the answer when Speedy meets Ulla the Caterpillar, who helps him to shed his fears.

Benjamin the Crocodile

Benjamin the Crocodile is lonely and very unhappy, and dislikes parts of his body. Discover how Benjamin learns to love himself with the help of a mouse named Cecelia.

Stories From My Soul

Four marvelous tales for children as told by spiritual teacher Mieke Blommestein.

Join Miss Spider, Charlie, Speedy and Benjamin as they learn about their wonderful selves with a bit of help from their loving friends.

These tales will inspire and help children listen to their own soft, loving and kind inner voices.