Mieke radiates truth and integrity in all of her work as a spiritual teacher, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch practitioner; and is sincerely devoted to her work with spirit. Mieke’s intention is to help others on their spiritual journey through spiritual education, enlightenment, and healing.

Mieke worked in a hospital for 10 years, and as a hospice volunteer for six years. During this time she started to recognize the influences of a spiritual world that brought her guidance, help and healing. She started channeling in 1982, and assisted patients by giving them Therapeutic Touch and Reiki treatments; as well as relating messages from the spirit world to them.

Mieke is known for her natural ability to bring through evidential messages from those in the spirit world. Spirit communication validates the existence of the spirit world, a place not separated by distance but by dimension. The spirit world exists on different vibrations than our material world. It is helpful to think of it as a frequency much like a radio that has many different frequencies.

As a practitioner, Mieke demonstrates her abilities as a clair-audient, clairvoyant and clair-sentinent through the information of a Therapeutic Touch or Reiki session. Mieke attunes herself to this higher frequency along with the effort of those in the spirit world to allow the spirit communication and energy balancing to take place. This technique does not require any system of belief or thought to be activated and can easily be incorporated as a self-help method to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Mieke has formerly taught meditation classes and workshops.

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